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Brexhip - Interview with Holloway Road


Interview with the country pop duo from Southend on Sea.
Published on the Music Magazine BREXHIP.



DOT'N BANG are releasing their first EP on the 9th of March. I had the pleasure of spending a weekend with them during the Small World Solar Stage and festival. Here their video story.

Go buy their music!!!

Dronningen - She’s gone insane

Videoclip made out of the live gig at 229 The Venue for the Discovery Talent (OFFICIAL) showcase.

The Cry of the Double Bass - Interview with Riccardo Buscarini.

Video interview for the blog Londrachiamaitalia, with the choreographer Riccardo Buscarini

Locobolo videoclip.​

It's always great to discover new music and young artists to collaborate with. This time I had the pleasure of giving a hand to my friend Carlo Alberto Biasioli (by the way, check his new blog Piadina Music), editing the video he shot during a recording session with a great, vibrant Italian duo Locobolo.
Check this out!

Pif - La mafia uccide solo d’estate arriva a Londra

Dopo due David di Donatello vinti, due Nastri d'argento e un premio del pubblico al Torino Film Festival, Pierfrancesco Diliberto, in arte Pif, sbarca a Londra. In occasione della serata evento organizzata da Italian Cinema London, il regista palermitano presenta "La mafia uccide solo d'estate" in anteprima assoluta in Inghilterra.


Articolo pubblicato su Fanpage

Sicilian Mood - Music, style and culture from the island - London, The Garage, 11 June 2017.

Definitely one of the most vibrant and exciting nights this year. Sicilian Mood - Music, style and culture from the island, organised in the historical venue The Garage, by Luca Vullo and TIJ EVENTS and sponsored by Only in Sicily, Diforti's, Etnacoffee, Sicily Food Uk, and Ondemotive brought in London the colors, the taste, the sounds and the energy of Sicily, thanks to the amazing performances by Lello Analfino and Tinturia, Shakalab, Christian "Picciotto" Paterniti and The Gold Diggers, IPERcusSONICI and Jah Sazzah.
This is only the first stop of a great adventure. I feel lucky to have taken part and filmed it.

Intervista a Alessandro Rak (Londra, 22 febbraio 2015)

Intervista con il regista de "L'Arte della Felicità", Alessandro Rak, in occasione della proiezione del film al Cinema Genesis di Londra per CinemaItaliauk il 22 febbraio 2015. Intervista realizzata da Alessandro Maniscalco per "Londra, Italia", il giornale online italiano di Londra.

Intervista pubblicata su Londra, Italia.

Katya Marletta interviews the President of the Italian Chamber for Commerce in UK.

My collaboration with the Italian magazine Cucine d'Italia, Katya Marletta Journalist and the photographer Sergio Mattioli.

Here the first episode of 'Creativity Talk' which I filmed and edited and created the theme (with the music by Luca Marconato).

One second a day 2013

I wanted to make a masterpiece out of my life.
It came out a sloppy video 5 minutes long.
But at least the soundtrack is brilliant.

Ivan Vadori & Marta Daneluzzi

Intervista realizzata in occasione della premiere londinese de "La voce di Impastato" presso i Riverside Studios il 24 luglio 2014. In collaborazione con Italian Cinema London.


Articolo pubblicato su Fanpage

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