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About me


NUJ ID: W0 41006


I am a London based videographer, photographer and journalist.


I have a solid background in journalism gained through my studies (MA in Journalism at La Sapienza University of Rome) and professional experience (I worked as a journalist for La Repubblica - Palermo and as an assistant camera operator for Sky TG24, I am a regular contributor for the music online magazine Brexhip).

Creator, author and co-host (together with Angelo Boccato) of Post Brexit News Explosion, podcast and youtube channel about news and reportages on the social and political situation in the United Kingdom, and Drunk Cinema Club (together with Alessandro De Simone), podcast and youtube channel about cinema and movie reviews.

Together with Federico Sigillo, I have managed, produced, filmed and edited all the video and photo content for the Festival di Lampedusa, directed by Luca Vullo.


In London I've extensively worked in communication for documentaries and institutions: as Web Content Editor (Girlfriend in a Coma, INFLUX, Italian Cultural Institute) and press officer.


Author, editor and producer of the documentary 'Kings of Konbini' about Utveggi Japan tour, premiered in Palermo on the 20th of December 2017, at cinema Rouge et Noire.

I am a keen videographer and photographer, with extensive experience in producing, filming and editing promo, corporate, crowdfunding, reportage videos and photo content.

Getty Images contributor.



Showreel 2021

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