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The most unknown Italian band tours Japan. The whole story.

Utveggi are an independent rock/prog band from Palermo, Italy. A group of five late 20s early 30s very close friends who decides, even without a solid fanbase outside their hometown, to venture into an unpredictable tour in Japan. Accompanied by their music, a mixture of cultures, languages and genres, this documentary is a journey through their ambitions, expectations and discoveries in a world culturally and geographically miles away.

A manifesto of an entire generation always looking for a room in this world, for a chance to prove itself, even if that would mean fly to the other side of the world not knowing what to expect.

A documentary shot, cut and produced by Alessandro Mariscalco.

Utveggi are: Valerio Mirone (vocals), Simone Giuffrida (guitar), Bruno Pitruzzella (guitar), Luca La Russa (bass), Giuseppe Montalbano (drums).

Before Kings of Konbini there was 'Pulizie a Tokyo', tune from Utveggi first album. What was conceived as a music video became a sort of a musical trailer for the upcoming documentary. A sneak peek to the film. Enjoy!

Prima di Kings of Konbini c'è stato 'Pulizie a Tokyo', pezzo del primo album degli Utveggi. Quello che doveva essere un videoclip musicale è diventato una sorta di trailer in musica del documentario di prossima uscita. Un assaggio del film. Enjoy!


Here a video of the Premiere held in Palermo at Cinema Rouge et Noir on the 20th of December 2017.

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